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Readily available Gizzards of Chicken, Frozen
Frozen chicken gizzards are available wholesale and in bulk from us. Our advanced manufacturing facilities are ISO accredited and a source from eligible B2BSuppliers, and we offer HALAL products. Our commodity has the best prices on the market right now, thanks to our 20% discount. When it comes to freezing, chicken is no different from any other poultry. As I type, I have frozen gizzards in my fridge. Frozen Chicken Gizzards are rich in protein and are manufactured using sophisticated equipment from naturally raised high breed chicken. They are thoroughly washed in an extremely hygienic setting, with all safety precautions taken to ensure freshness and a longer shelf life.

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Packaging: Vacuum Packing
Packing Specifications:
5 X 2 Kilograms / Carton (10 Kilograms)

6 X 2 Kilograms / Carton (12 Kilograms)

12 X 1 Kilograms / Carton (12 Kilograms)

10 X 1 Kilograms / Carton (10 Kilograms)
Packing/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted.

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