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Frozen Chicken Livers of Decent Quality
We are chicken liver wholesalers and bulk chicken suppliers. Our advanced manufacturing facilities are ISO accredited and a source from eligible B2BSuppliers, and we offer HALAL goods. Our commodity has the best prices on the market, thanks to our current discount of 20%. Frozen chicken livers are cheap, nutritious, flexible, and simple to prepare. The food is rich in iron, folate, and a number of vitamins and minerals. To begin with, chicken livers are not considered red meat. They’re nothing more than chicken organ meat. The livers are chock-full of nutrients including folate, iron, and biotin, all of which play important roles in keeping the body healthy.

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Packaging: Vacuum Packing
Packing Specifications:
5 X 2 Kilograms / Carton (10 Kilograms)

6 X 2 Kilograms / Carton (12 Kilograms)

12 X 1 Kilograms / Carton (12 Kilograms)

10 X 1 Kilograms / Carton (10 Kilograms)
Packing/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted.

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