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5 Popular Myths and Facts about Frozen Chicken

The debate about fresh v/s frozen food is just never-ending, and it gets more heated with the increasing demand for food items. There are several questions on the matter: is frozen food nutritious, is it convenient or affordable? Moreover, does it lower food waste? Many people consider fresh food as the best option. However, in the fast-paced practical life, the importance of frozen food cannot be neglected, whether it is the frozen berries to put in the smoothie or the juicy chicken for your dinner. You must have come across several myths about frozen chicken already, but before you delete the idea of buying frozen chicken online altogether, make sure to learn about the reality behind those myths. 

5 Myths about Frozen Chicken and the Facts behind Them

Not opting for frozen chicken because of some myths you have come across online? See if any of them are included in the ones mentioned below –

Myth 1: You must thaw frozen chicken before you cook it.

Fact: No, you don’t. It is totally fine to cook frozen chicken on the stove or in the oven without having to defrost it first. So, you do not need to pre-plan to cook it or invest extra time in it. You can opt for frozen chicken anytime to prepare a quick meal. 

Myth 2: Frozen chicken is not fresh.

Fact: You cannot deny that you have at least once or multiple times, left the chicken in your refrigerator casually for a few days before stuffing it in the freezer. So, how come you get all worried when it comes to frozen chicken? Unlike us, frozen chicken suppliers make sure to preserve the freshness of chicken, making it more juicy and tender. 

Myth 3: Frozen chicken is more processed. 

Fact: Freezing does not change chicken, neither adds anything to it. It is the same chicken with no antibiotics ever but frozen at the peak of freshness. A thin layer of ice is used to coat the frozen chicken to extend its shelf life without compromising quality. It is also easier to cook on a stovetop. As the ice melts, it produces steam for quicker cooking. 

Myth 4: Frozen chicken is not healthy.

Fact: As much as this one is one of the most popular misconceptions, the reality is different. There is no difference between fresh and frozen chicken when it comes to being nutritious. Choose frozen chicken without hesitation because you are just choosing a nutritious protein. 

Myth 5: Frozen chicken is not convenient.

Fact: If you want to get fresh ingredients every time you cook, think about the time and effort you need to invest in planning and shopping to prepare your every meal. By opting for frozen chicken, you are covered for many days. It is very convenient especially when life is busy and time and precious. 

The one fact that outshines all the baseless myths mentioned above is that frozen chicken is more sustainable. It helps you to reduce food waste, which is a huge issue all over the world. 

Conclusion: So, do not hesitate to stock your freezer with nutritious frozen chicken. Purchase good-quality chicken breasts, drumsticks, and more from Brazilian Chicken, one of the renowned frozen chicken suppliers in Brazil that have been producing healthy and high-quality food products for more than sixty years. Call 011 4948-3670 to contact Brazilian Chicken, or drop a mail at

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