What Are the Easy and Safe Ways of Handling Raw Chicken?

Whether you are six or sixty, chicken is everyone’s favourite. Apart from that delicious taste, it replenishes your body with tons of energy. Today, frozen chicken is extremely sought after and considered as a better alternative to fresh or processed ones. Containing no preservatives, this chicken is as healthy and not so costly as fresh chicken. However, to get maximum nutrients from it, you have to go beyond simply relying on one of the Brazilian halal chicken suppliers. Getting good quality chicken from a supplier is surely important but you also need to follow the right ways of ensuring food safety. Without proper handling and cleansing, raw chicken can get infested with harmful bacteria that cause food contamination and poisoning. Reading this blog shall help you to understand if you have been handling the chicken the right way all this while. So, let’s check out the next section.

Here are some easy and safe ways of handling raw chicken

Storage in cold temperature – Have you just got frozen chicken from the supermarket? If you do not plan to cook it in next a few hours, be quick to keep it in the refrigerator then. The ideal temperature would be 40 F or even lesser. Following this tip shall reduce the chances of bacterial growth and keep the chicken fresh enough to be consumed after 48 hours. However, it is suggested to cook the chicken within or before 48 hours so that you can savour its fresh taste.

Preventing cross-contamination – Juices leaking from raw chicken can spread to other food items thereby causing cross-contamination, which is once again harmful to our health. A mere plastic bag may not be enough to prevent this leakage from chicken. So, the best way of going about it is by keeping the chicken in a plastic bag and then placing it in a covered container inside your refrigerator.

Defrosting it correctly – “Does a high-quality frozen chicken have lesser chances of getting spoilt than low-quality ones”? – A common question asked by all buyers. To tell the truth, buying meat from reliable Brazilian halal chicken suppliers is extremely important but you also have to thaw it properly before cooking. No matter which method of thawing you choose, make sure the chicken is completely defrosted and thus fit for cooking.

Wash your hands – Here is one of the very basics yet underrated steps of handling any food items, including chicken. If you do not wash your hands before touching any raw food item, the bacteria from your hand can get transferred to the product thereby contaminating it. Likewise, once you are done handling the chicken, keep in mind to wash your hands again so that you do not cross contaminate any other objects with its juices.

Conclusion – Chicken-handling practices are quite easy and effective but we can simply be forgetful sometimes to follow them diligently in our practical life. Did you not know these tips before? Well, now you can follow them to ensure the quality and freshness of your chicken. At a time when adulterated and low-quality foods are inundating the market, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to pick only trusted Brazilian halal chicken suppliers. But following the right handling tips can extend the shelf life and prevent wastage of chicken.

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