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Facts Why Frozen Salmon Fish Is Better Than Fresh Fish.

The debate between fresh and frozen food is a never-ending one. There is a general belief that fresh food is better than frozen food because the latter is processed and lacks nutrition. However, contrary to the belief, when it comes to fish, frozen is better than fresh fish because of various factors. So, in regard to salmon fish, if truth be told, if you are not cooking the fish right after you catch it off the boat, then it would be better for you to consume frozen salmon fish. To help you understand the big “why?” behind this, we have provided all the details for you to understand in this blog.

Hence, before you purchase salmon fish the next time, gather knowledge about why you should prefer frozen salmon fish to fresh fish.

Top Interesting Facts About Why Frozen Salmon Is Better Than Fresh Fish

Frozen Vs. Fresh Salmon Fish: Which Is Better?

People often make the mistake of buying two-day-old “fresh fish,” but they avoid buying frozen fish, then reason is nothing but myth. To clear the doubts, here are some points to take a look at:

#1. Frozen is fresher

Credible vendors make sure that the salmon are put on ice within minutes after they are caught. Hence, as they are frozen at the peak of their freshness, they can get the freshest fish to consume. Plus, like the regular fish in the market, they are not thawed and have been re-frozen numerous times. This makes the frozen salmon fish bought from a popular meat supplier better than the fish sold in the market.

#2. Taste is preserved expertly.

Have you ever stored leftover fish in the freezer for your next day’s meal? If you have done so, then you will know how the fish, even though stored in the freezer, does not taste as good as the previous day. The secret behind this is the fact that they are thawed and refrozen many times, and this way the texture of the fish is lost. This is generally what happens in the supermarket as well.
Understand that the ice crystals are forming inside the fish, melting, and then again forming, which is the primary reason behind the loss of texture. Genuine vendors flash-freeze the fish within minutes of catching them. So, the consumer is able to consume a fish with its original texture and taste. Also, with the help of flash freezing, you can prevent bacteria from infesting and spoiling the fish.

#3. Tastes better

Of course, flash-frozen fish that has been preserved well will taste far better than any fresh fish that has been refrozen and thawed many times. So, people who would love to enjoy the fine taste of salmon should buy frozen salmon fish.

Top fish vendor ensure that the fisherman first dresses the fish, removes the guts, pressure bleeds the fish, and removes it with a micro-pipette (you should know that the presence of blood and guts is what extends the off-flavor to the fish), so when these are removed and the fish is frozen, you can create delicious dishes with the fish.

#4. Better nutrition

Just like the taste is preserved, you would be surprised to know that frozen salmon fish is also a better source of nutrition than any fresh fish. Yes! Since the fish are caught and frozen just in time, the method locks in the nutrients. Therefore, know that buying frozen salmon will provide you with a rich amount of omega-3 and protein. Hence, we are not just advising you to buy frozen fish merely because it tastes good and is extremely palatable, but also because it will offer you adequate nutrition. Plus, like we have mentioned before, it is also a fact that when the fish are flash frozen, they have little chance of getting exposed to bacteria because microorganisms like bacteria cannot thrive at freezing temperatures.


A conscious eater will always question the myths because, when it comes to eating, it is all about ensuring that he or she is eating healthy food. As the days pass, new techniques are being invented, and flash freezing is a similar invention. Thus, hopefully you now have a clear idea why frozen is better than fresh when it comes to fish. So, you can make a better decision now when you plan to shop for salmon. One thing, however, you must keep in mind is that you must place your order for frozen salmon fish from a reputable platform. This is because you need to ensure that the vendor you are buying the fish from follows the standard methods for preserving the fish and that you get what you are paying for. If you are based in Brazil, then you can get in touch with Brazil Chicken S.I.F. and place your order. You can dial 011 4948-3670 or email sales@brazilchickensif.com

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