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Top 4 Tips to Defrost Frozen Chicken in the Right Way

While defrosting chicken, it is important to follow the proper method because many often spoil the chicken while defrosting it and regret thereafter. If you want to avoid such a blunder, you need to know the proper thawing method. So, if you have bought frozen chicken thighs, and have no idea about how to defrost the chicken correctly, then here is your guide.

Before going deep into the topic, let’s first know what you should not do while defrosting the chicken to avoid spoiling it.

What not to do while defrosting frozen chicken?

To keep your chicken safe while defrosting,

  • You should never leave the chicken out in the open for long
  • You should not submerge the chicken in the hot water

These two ways can spoil the chicken’s quality and make it poisonous. The temperature range between 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for bacteria to grow, and as a consequence spoil the raw chicken. Thus, you must avoid exposing the frozen chicken to such conditions.

Now, that it is clear what you should not do, let’s check out the proper methods of defrosting chicken that you should follow.

Top Ways You Should Follow While Defrosting Frozen Chicken

Let’s take a look at all the methods.

Defrost using fridge

Both experts and cooks agree that defrosting chicken using a refrigerator is one of the safest ways. The refrigerator provides the ideal temperature where the frozen chicken thighs or other parts of the chicken gradually get defrosted, plus no bacteria can attack it. This is because the refrigerator’s temperature does not encourage the growth of germs and bacteria.

However, this is also the slowest method and the speed at which the chicken will get defrosted depends on various factors. This includes the set temperature of the refrigerator, size of the frozen boneless chicken and other factors. Besides, being the safest method, defrosting chicken using a refrigerator also has other advantages such as the thawed chicken can be safely stored in the refrigerator for one or two days.  

Cold Baths

A cold bath is another method that you can be used to defrost the frozen chicken safely. However, there are a few points that you must always consider while defrosting the chicken such as;

  • Leave the chicken in the air-tight packaging that it has arrived in, or you can also shift it and store it inside a leak-proof bag. This will ensure that the chicken stays safe from harmful bacteria.
  • Thereafter, submerge the frozen boneless chicken in a bowl of cold tap water
  • Make sure to change this water after every thirty minutes, as the chicken defrosts, the temperature of the water rises

The amount of time that is required to defrost the frozen meat depends on the size of the meat and the temperature of the water. Generally, one pound of chicken takes around an hour to get defrosted using this method.

Cook without defrosting

You can cook frozen chicken without defrosting it, however, cooking time will get extended and it will take longer than usual. Although skipping the defrosting part and cooking the frozen chicken is absolutely safe, it is not the ideal method if you have set out to make a crispy chicken recipe. This is because as the chicken is frozen, there is a lot of moisture present in the chicken, which prevents the chicken from getting brown and crispy.

Defrost using microwave

Frozen chicken can also be defrosted using the microwave. In fact, it is one of the fastest ways to defrost the frozen boneless chicken. However, defrosting chicken using a microwave has its own limitations. Since, if the entire process is not executed in the right manner, the chicken can get spoiled.

Chicken defrosted using a microwave must be cooked immediately, as otherwise, the chicken can perish due to bacterial growth and turn poisonous. This happens because, when the chicken is thawed using the microwave it becomes half-cooked. So, when you let this half-cooked chicken sit around, it can easily become a breeding ground of bacteria that have not perished while getting defrosted in the microwave.

The other reason is that micro-wave defrosted chicken after being cooked does not taste good. This is because not all chicken pieces are of even sizes, and so by the time thick and big piece of chicken gets thawed, the smaller and thinner piece has already defrosted and thereafter gets cooked and becomes rubbery.

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Take away

These are some of the ways that you can use to defrost frozen chicken and ensure that they don’t get spoiled. However, before defrosting the frozen chicken, you must ensure that it is of good quality. Poor quality chicken has chances to easily go bad whether you are following the right defrosting method or not. To purchase top quality frozen chicken thighs or frozen chicken in Brazil, you can get in touch with Brazilian Chicken. They are one of the most reliable suppliers supplying frozen chickens in Brazil. To contact Brazilian Chicken, dial 011 4948-3670, or drop a mail at

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