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How to Store Frozen Chicken Correctly? – Everything You Need to Know

Buying frozen chicken can allow you to buy it in bulk not only that means you can save money but also, get the convenience of cooking and eating it when you want. This is one of the reasons why it is a staple in most households besides, the fact that it’s healthy, and versatile when it comes to recipes. However, it is also common knowledge that chicken is also prone to bacterial contamination, which is why it is important to store and thaw it well before cooking. So, if you have bought frozen chicken in bulk, and wondering how long it will stay good and how to store it in the right way, then we have got your back. In this blog, you can get all the answers you require.

How Long Frozen Chicken Can Stay Good?

According to experts, frozen chicken when kept constantly frozen at zero-degree Fahrenheit or lower will stay safe indefinitely.

However, it must be noted that while frozen chicken when constantly in the freezer can stay for a long duration, the same cannot be said when it comes to taste, quality and flavor. In the case of a whole frozen chicken, the best quality can be enjoyed within one year. Thereafter, it can start losing its flavor and become dry.

How to Store Frozen Chicken the Right Way?

If you want to or need to store the frozen chicken for a long time, you can always go ahead and do. As you know that frozen chicken when stored well can be edible even when it is one year old and safe forever. However, to ensure that it stays safe and also, retains its texture, flavor, and quality, you must know how to store it well.


Both in living poultry and livestock, you can easily find the growth of bacterial microorganisms. After slaughtering the meat, bacteria remain on it and if the meat is left at room temperature, these microorganisms can start thriving on the meat and it will become inedible and poisonous. This is why, if you want to store the frozen chicken that you have bought and want it to be safe for a long time, then storing it in anything above zero-degree Fahrenheit can encourage microbial growth. Zero-degree Fahrenheit halts bacterial growth and helps to keep the frozen chicken as it is for a long time.

Store it in original packaging

If you want to store frozen chicken, then it is safe to store it in the original packaging that it has arrived in. Storing the frozen chicken in a plastic-wrapped container can expose it to air, and this can degrade the quality of the chicken over time. Experts suggest that to store frozen chicken safely in a plastic container, it must be overwrapped and with an aluminum foil layer. Also, you can transfer the frozen chicken from its original package and freezer bag. However, make sure to press out the air from the bag before sealing the bad. On the other hand, an unopened vacuum-sealed package can be stored as it has arrived. 

Freezer monitoring

When you store a whole frozen chicken in the freezer, it doesn’t mean that you will keep it inside and remember about it only when you need it in some recipe. To keep the frozen chicken well-preserved the temperature needs to stay at 0-degree Fahrenheit or below it and should not rise at all. This is why it is important to monitor your freezer frequently. In case your freezer does not have a visible thermometer, then you can set an appliance thermometer on one of the shelves. To help the frozen chicken to retain its quality, you need to ensure that it stays in the zero-degree Fahrenheit constantly.

Refrigerator transfer

If you need to transfer the frozen chicken from the freezer to the refrigerator or room temperature, the actual problem begins. As the frozen chicken is exposed to a temperature that is beyond 0-degree Fahrenheit, bacteria that were inactive can become active again and can start growing. These microorganisms continue to grow at a faster rate and can spoil the chicken. In such conditions, you need to cook the part of the chicken you need in one or two days. And, for the rest of the chicken, if you have allowed it to get thawed in the refrigerator you can refreeze it. Refreezing options should not be tried if the chicken has been thawed at room temperature, in that case, you have to throw it away.

To preserve frozen chicken the right way, while you need to follow all these measures, it is also extremely important that the frozen chicken you buy is of good quality. To buy the best quality frozen chicken, you can approach any good chicken wholesaler in Brazil.


In this blog, we have shared all the necessary points that can help you to keep your frozen chicken as it is for a long time. Storing the best quality frozen chicken following the above-mentioned points will do the work. Therefore, next, when you buy frozen chicken in the bulk quality you can hopefully enjoy all its benefits. So, now if you are looking for the best-quality frozen chicken in Brazil, you can get in touch with Brazilian Chicken, one of the leading companies that can deliver you the premium quality frozen chicken at market-best prices and on time. To contact Brazilian Chicken, dial 011 4948-3670, or drop a mail at sales@brazilchickensif.com.

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